Sunday, October 10, 2010


My apologies for not posting in a while, things have been very busy here.
Work has been crazy and sucks up all my energy, besides having chores to keep up with, because the laundry etc. doesn't do itself.
There was not even time to do some knitting, well just a little, but I am not saying, because I am in the midst of some gift knitting. Christmas is just around the corner!! My handy pod is right there to keep track of the rows and number of stitches!

Here a pic of some gift knitting in the making, whaahaaa, see no color!! But I can say it was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed knitting in the garden, listening to one of my favorite podcasts "Stuff you missed in History class".

There was also some homework to be done, not his favorite thing to do in the weekend and who can blame him? It is, if you ask me, to much anyway. Everyday without a fail DS is doing his homework for give and take three hours.

Gotta love that "Mooohoooom stop taking pictures" look.

And I did not realize this but look, Orange shirt and orange pencil, hmmmmmmmm, wondering what color is used the most around this house?

Tomorrow, Monday again, but on the bright side, Halloween is not far away anymore followed by a few days off at Thanksgiving!

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