Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's for dinner??

It doesn't get any better, fresh Brussels sprouts! for me at least, the boys not so much. But paired with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and a healthy amount of garlic it was really delicious.
And we had enough for leftovers. (insert evil grin)

This is what it looked like today, rain, glorious rain. Lovely!! See how happy our garden is with rain, instead of sprinklers every day.
We spend our Sunday in Pj's and watched gymnastics on TV this afternoon, took a nap, cooked dinner and now I am ready for a hot cup of coffee and another episode of the Amazing race.
I love Sundays, why can't every day be a rainy Sunday???

And I made these over the last few days, lovely long warm fingerless mittens, kinda silly the word fingerless mittens, they come up to my elbows. Maybe arm warmers is a better word.
Can't wait until it gets cold enough to cover myself up in hand knits.


Alessandra said...

Hi , this pair of gloves are simply fantastic, can you make a little pattern for me , Just to give me some suggestion , to start you know. I am knitting from about 4 months and ... I need a lil help

Thanks a lot

Doortje said...

Alessandra, I hope you read this, but here is the pattern