Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have to practice my cookie baking skills, upcoming is the cookie exchange from work.
And I am not a baker, never been and obviously never will be. For some reason it just never turns out the way I envision the baked goods. Maybe because I want it to look like those awesome pictures in the cookbooks, you know, the ones where your mouth already starts watering by only looking at the picture.
I can bake sugar cookies, plain, don't start with me with frosting, I want it to be perfect. Never going to happen!
This time I was going for biscotti, with chocolate chips, only we did not have chocolate chips in the house, instead we had butterscotch chips, oh well........

The batter was made, the biscotti twice baked (Duh)
I did not care for them, but then I just don't really have a sweet tooth (just give me a bag of potato chips) But DH and DS liked them. Pfeeeww.
Now the only thing there is left to do is to have the cookies look like those that came straight out of the cookbooks.

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