Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am so easily distracted, I went to sit in the garden to enjoy the last rays of warm sunshine before the winter. Not to mention I really want to finish the second clue of the SKA mock sock before the next one comes out tomorrow.
I look up, it is a little spider that is floating around on its single strand of web.
Run inside to get my camera, it takes a while because I have to put the macro lens on, come back and of course spidey is gone.

So I went to venture out in the garden a bit, I mean who can resist the colors this time of year?

Our last roses are in bloom.

And who knew that weeds can be this beautiful??

For anybody who does not have one of these lenses, get one and go exploring it is so much fun!

Only downside, there was a very brave spider that climbed onto my arm, that is a big no no, I like to take pictures of them, but let this be a warning to the spiders out there, do not climb on me.
Sadly to say he/she is now in spider heaven.

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