Sunday, December 19, 2010

The proof

See here the proof, I baked cookies, me the never can bake a cookie right person!
They where going to be "glitter balls" with a ginger and honey filling.
Four dozen, so there where eight dozen balls to make because they had to be "glued" together with the filling according to Martha.

They before baking you roll the balls through "Dusting Sugar", never knew there was such a thing as sugar for dusting.....
We had Yellow (was supposed to look Golden) and Multi glitter.

And there they are, my balls compared to the magazine picture. Yeah, don't say anything.......

Most important though, the boys and even I agreed they tasted good. And the packaging was cute too, the perfect diversion to the "I-am-not-a-pastry-chef" cookie exchange.

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anita said...

Nou ze zien er goed uit hoor en de verpakking is ook erg mooi geworden.