Thursday, December 23, 2010


There has been some crafting around here, after cleaning and organizing the loft slash craft room, I was itching to do some beading with new discovered beads. Don't you just love it when there are little treasures to be found when you do some organizing?
In the evening I have been knitting and this morning I just blocked my second hat (more on that tomorrow, it is still wet)
And I made it a brooch to match!! Hah!!

After playing with the leftover blue beads for the brooch, it was time for something more intricate,

enter tiny seed beads and some nice red crystals, making eight little triangular segments, and viola, one beaded bead done!

Pictures are taking with my macro lens and due to the not so sunny weather there where some light issues.

There was however some sunshine and I took my newly knitted hood/hat outside for a test run.
It is nice and warm and I will model it sometime next week if I can find a model or time to put on some make-up and comb my hair. (Hey, I have vacation, I am entitled to a pajama day)

Tomorrow I am tracking Santa on Norad, how about you?

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