Sunday, December 05, 2010


It was December fifth today, and Sinterklaas forgot to stop by in the US. Not that it really matters, we just wait until the Saint changes out of his "European" outfit and steps into his Santa suit.
We did decorate for Christmas this afternoon, I love all the little lights and want to hang the whole house with them (on the inside so I can actually enjoy it, without getting cold)
But it seems that most of my light strands have decided that being couped up in a plastic bin for eleven months is not that much fun and they rebelled against me by not working!
And on another note, even when taken the most care by winding them all neatly, why do these things want to tangle up in one big bunch? where is the Christmas light inventor when you need him?
So for all those handy people out there, we need Christmas lights that light up when put in the appropriate outlet at any given time of the year (sometimes hanging them outside in the summer is fun also) and how about inventing tangle free lights while you are at it?
Oh and when I have to ask for one more, please give us suction cups that actually suck! My little snowflakes at work won't stay up because the cups don't suck (oops, that does sound kinda dirty)

On the crafty front, I have been busy with making little gifts and while I still not have started on Christmas cards, they are going to be send out soon (promise)

In the mean time, I missed calling my parents on skype this weekend, and I do hope opa was not taken to Spain by Sinterklaas en Zwarte piet because he was "lief ondeugend"

Look I have the proof, he is never ever mischievous, ever!

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Madame Leiderhosen said...

Darling! Best Skype photo ever.