Friday, December 17, 2010

Two glorious weeks of no work, only home chores to do, the vacuum cleaner, the washer and dryer never get a vacation. Nor do I in the "home-keeping" department.
But It does mean more time to do some crafty stuff, watch movies and read a book.

And today was the day of the cookie exchange (pictures of my cookies in a later post)
I thought I could disguise my baking skills with a cute wrapping of said cookies.
So I knitted cute little mittens as toppers for my baggies.

Here are some of them, after two or three plain ones, I started playing, there is one with beads, one with two colors green and a striped red/white one. After those adventures I did decide that they looked way better plain.

Maybe next year I'll knit myself a garland of mittens, so cute!!
Here is the pattern.
It is very easy to memorize and if I had to stop I used my trusted Ipod Stitchcounter, I listen to podcasts a lot while knitting, very relaxing!!

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Renee said...

the mittens are adorable! Very cute cookie package toppers. :)