Monday, September 27, 2010

Not for the faint of heart

If you have ARACHNOPHOBIA then don't scroll down!!!

Meet Charlotte, she showed up at our doorstep today, got almost stepped on, and was saved by a brave woman (ahum, the only woman in this household)
I caught her in a big Belgian beer glass, the only one wide enough not to hurt her when it was put over her.
I could not resist to take some pictures, so she moved in her temporary prison to the kitchen island for a photo shoot.

The only thing I was not able to catch on camera really well was the little baby on her back.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hawaii day

Friday was 'Hawaii spirit day" at school. Everybody dresses up in Hawaiian shirts, and other related attire. Now I do own a shirt for this yearly recurring day, but my Lei that is a different story. I usually keep all the accessories in my office so I don't have to take them home and forget about them. My Lei from last year was taken apart sometime during the winter months because I was in need of some very thin metal wire. I can't even remember why we needed it, but it had to do with something around Christmas time.

So I used my supply of silk (ahum) flowers for some Dress-up attire.
This pretty pink one turned into an hair decoration using some leftover beads, wire and a hair thingie (is there a proper word for these double sided forks?)

Voila! and it made me sing this song the whole day!!

A bracelet of flowers was next, just used a bunch of these, that I pulled from their little green plastic and wire stems.

Fall is so much better than summer, I am always looking forward for the cooler weather (insert evil grin from the weather man this weekend) It did hit a nice and toasty 105F today and yesterday, and it is going to stay like this for the next few days. It is even to hot to knit outside in the shade.

Our natural air conditioning did not kick in last night, and we sat outside for a long time.

On to a very busy week at work, we keep telling ourselves that it will slow down eventually, but that is wishful thinking!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The T-Mobile Dance

I really love this one!! It makes me happy, maybe we need to do something like this at work...... now wouldn't that be fun.

The Muppet Show - Julie Andrews

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Uneventful and I liked it

It was an uneventful weekend and I liked it! Well, for the most part, if you don't count the whole Saturday that was spend cleaning the house and doing laundry.
The boys did the groceries, what in itself is the biggest help ever. I hate doing groceries, it makes me really grumpy for at least the rest of the day.
Today I slept in, did some knitting, watched some online episodes of Billy the Exterminator, it makes for great Sunday afternoon knitting while you watch entertainment.

I am knitting the black Mock mystery sock and the black is so hard to see! But it is really pretty, with the beads and the twisted stitches. I might just whip up another pair in a nice and bright color with contrasting beads.
One of my Delft blue socks is finished. I like the result, only the fit is a bit big on me. They are nice and thick, going to be the warm winter socks to wear in boots.

This year before the rain season starts I want to buy some fun rain boots to wear around school and to jump in puddles with.
Now the only thing is to find out where one can buy a fun colorful pair.
Something like these, but not that expensive.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


My boys like to spend their weekends behind their computers, reading books and watching movies. Me I do chores, cook (not because I like it but because it has to be done) spend time behind the computer watching programs like this, and knit

DS has his globe at hand next to his computer, don't ask me why but he loves this little globe. He got it as a birthday present from a friend when he turned six and ever since then it has either been beside his bed or next to his computer.

Me? I got this book last week and love all the socks in it, the first pair I am knitting?? The pattern is called "Delft blue". How can one resist??

Kesslers Knigge - 10 Dinge - Herrentoilette

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fall colors

Fall is about to start, and the weather showed it. A very welcome cool day it was today!!
It even looked like it would start raining and while I was crossing my fingers for a drop or two, it stayed dry. Last night this pair of socks was finished and they are temporarily in hiding until it is cool enough to wear them.

I love the colors and the hand spun yarn, (thank you Megpie!!) it is Crow Mountain yarn, Sock Hop and the color is named "Buffalo Soldier"

And what is not to love about Harry Potter books, in this house they are read numerous times, not to mention the movies we watch over and over. Needless to say we can't wait for the new movie.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


And all those little fiddly pieces became a penguin named Jiji. Personally I think he is a very handsome guy. Always dressed to the nines in his black and white suit.

Of course he was up for a photo shoot right away.

And just for scale, here he is held by DS.

Maybe next up I need to make a pair of stranded mittens with Jiji's all over them. This is becoming an obsession.
Charting starts tonight, while watching "Napoleon Dynamite" with Husband and Son.
And tomorrow, another day to play before going back to work.

Bright Black

My first cuff (part 1 of the mystery sock) is done. After a bit of a debate between black or white beads, clearly to see in the picture, I went for the white beads.
Now knitting with black yarn, especially at night is not that great, one can hardly see what a knit or a purl is and I have to knit purely by counting.
Sooooo, I came up with a bright solution.

Knit a penguin instead.........

Most of these pieces where knitted up last night, except for the head which was completed this morning. And yeah, me being the queen of bright ideas, what color is a penguin mostly????
knitting with teeny tiny needles did not help either.

Oh well, for good measure I threw in two cupcakes yesterday afternoon.

Now back to assembling the little fellow, before it gets dark.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The busy life has resumed, work for me and school for DS is taking up all our time again.
Gone are the lazy days of sitting and knitting in the garden. Although we have this Monday off and I am looking forward to an afternoon of knitting or crafting.
That will be the last free day until Thanksgiving, and that seems so far away now.
DS likes his teachers and his schedule, and he has lots of homework, and reading for AR points to do.

My work is crazy as ever, more work for less people, I wish there would be more time in my day to finish all the items on my to-do list. But on the upside days fly by and most important I love my job.
September started and I decided to enter in two (!) KAL, one for socks and one for stranded mittens. The sock one is only for black or white yarn and beads. I still have not made up my mind what combo to go for. I might pick up some white beads with the black yarn and start tomorrow. I have a feeling the black on black might get lost in the pattern.
Clue one was released at midnight and I already printed it.

While the summer almost ends, our olive tree is full of olives, and the last two of our apples on our tree are to high to be reached. Darn, this weekend I will schlep the ladder out of the garage and get those. They are really good, crispy and tart, just the way we like them.

Off to bed now, do some reading and have a good nap to be ready for another day!!