Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick knit

Made these cuffs over the weekend, just love them and can't wait to wear them with my jean jacket!

For those interested, here is the pattern!!


I have to practice my cookie baking skills, upcoming is the cookie exchange from work.
And I am not a baker, never been and obviously never will be. For some reason it just never turns out the way I envision the baked goods. Maybe because I want it to look like those awesome pictures in the cookbooks, you know, the ones where your mouth already starts watering by only looking at the picture.
I can bake sugar cookies, plain, don't start with me with frosting, I want it to be perfect. Never going to happen!
This time I was going for biscotti, with chocolate chips, only we did not have chocolate chips in the house, instead we had butterscotch chips, oh well........

The batter was made, the biscotti twice baked (Duh)
I did not care for them, but then I just don't really have a sweet tooth (just give me a bag of potato chips) But DH and DS liked them. Pfeeeww.
Now the only thing there is left to do is to have the cookies look like those that came straight out of the cookbooks.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

Who's got a big red cherry nose????

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am so easily distracted, I went to sit in the garden to enjoy the last rays of warm sunshine before the winter. Not to mention I really want to finish the second clue of the SKA mock sock before the next one comes out tomorrow.
I look up, it is a little spider that is floating around on its single strand of web.
Run inside to get my camera, it takes a while because I have to put the macro lens on, come back and of course spidey is gone.

So I went to venture out in the garden a bit, I mean who can resist the colors this time of year?

Our last roses are in bloom.

And who knew that weeds can be this beautiful??

For anybody who does not have one of these lenses, get one and go exploring it is so much fun!

Only downside, there was a very brave spider that climbed onto my arm, that is a big no no, I like to take pictures of them, but let this be a warning to the spiders out there, do not climb on me.
Sadly to say he/she is now in spider heaven.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A long weekend

I love long weekends, four days long was/is this weekend and besides doing the groceries on Thursday and doing some chores at home I did some well needed relaxing.
The black socks where looming over my head, knitting with black yarn is no fun, unless you do a basic sock with no pattern. I love the pattern on these socks and the challenge said it had to be either black or white yarn with black or white beads.
White socks are a bit scary, so I went for black. Next time I choose black, tie my hands or hide my needles please!
Last week this little lamb (or is it a dog?) rolled of the needles, a bit to small for my hands but very cute! Planning to knit some more of these for school and family, but with a different size needle so one can actually play with it.

Here is my "hand model" enjoying himself goofing off while I try to make pictures.
He also tried on my glasses this morning, looking sharp if you ask me.
Don't tell him though, these are after all the "teenage years". Ha!

The fingerless mittens I made for him a few years ago are still going strong and he wears them daily. I think it is time to make him another pair.

Sinterklaas en Pieterbaas in Enschede

At 41 seconds, who drives by, in the A-Ford firetruck?? Yes, Opa it is you!!
Sinterklaas is in town, it is official. Going to put my boots out in front of our fireplace. Wonder if the goedheilig man makes visits to the USA

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dog and deer in love!