Thursday, January 27, 2011


Science, I love it, every little bit of it. Well almost, as a parent one gets always dragged into the "making of". At least this parent is.

There was red Jello and black Jello all over my kitchen, not to mention the black Jello spill all over the back seat of my car! Lucky for me (and the person who made that batch) I have black fabric on my seats.
Afterwards I heard that said person's parent did know the batch was no good but send it anyway without warning. grumble grumble.

The experiment went really well, only thing what is left to do is the gathering of the data and the making of a nice display. I am guessing this will also be made in our home.
What really bothers me is that DS is just worrying out of his mind he gets a bad grade because the other students involved don't really care (nor their parents)
Hopefully this is the last time we have to do a science project with a group.

Anyway, afterwards DS was really happy and he put on his "groovy" glasses in the car.

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