Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time flies

Wow, January came and is almost gone!! And before one knows it, there is a neglected blog.
DS is busy with his science project, this year they have to team up. There are three boys working on this project, or should we say just one and a half.....
I have issues with this, but apparently his teacher does not and is happy to hand out good grades to those students who have not done anything.
Finally (with some intervention *cough, cough*) tomorrow afternoon the boys will come over and I will be hosting the Experiment........ Keep your fingers crossed that me and my kitchen survive!
Last Monday I could not resist any longer and after a search for the perfect yarn in my stash (or better the ones with enough yardage) the knee highs from selbustrikk have been started.
We had the day off that day, and after some episodes of Doc Martin on Netflix, this is what the sock looked like.
Also finished and not blogged yet, my thick lace scarf , it has already served its purpose.

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