Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to work

It is over, our week long break is gone, tomorrow it is back to reality.
What did I do over the week?? I sorted out old clothes, cleaned the garage (sad to report no big spiders where found), cleaned inside the house, finally got our old bed and couch picked up for donation and did load after load of laundry.
The house is squeaky clean, and we can go back to school.

I did manage to squeeze in some knitting, a little monster and a doily just for fun.

Oh, and we went for a little ride in the country side, it is lovely, spring is almost here! Although I would not mind if there was just a little bit more snow.

To top of my week, on Friday after returning from the dreaded groceries there was a package on our doorstep.
My birthday present from my sister and her family!! Needless to say I love it!!

Oh, and a new bag, so "lief", going to tote this thing around every day with me :)
Believe me it holds a lot of yarn and knitting projects (insert evil laugh)

There also was some very nice yarn, will show projects later, and drop (licorice) sadly all the edible items in the box did not make it to this photo shoot *burp*.
They where highly appreciated by the boys and me and did not last very long, except for the Shoarma seasoning, which can't be eaten straight out of the package but one actually has to cook with it.


I know, is was not much but it made me soooo happy!!
There really was snow here yesterday, when we went outside to take some pictures and run around in the few flakes (I can hear my relatives snickering) all the neighbors where in their backyards too and we could hear the happy squeals of kids and grown-ups everywhere.

See the proof, real snowflakes!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What to do on a day that you don't have to go to school?? Build something.
Step one, wake your mother at an insanely early hour to ask her if you can use some hangers, rulers, tape, rubber bands and wooden skewers.
Step two, bother her long enough she comes out of bed and helps you. (she also has the day off, but you don't care)
Step three, happily cut up a house supply of hangers, gather enough office supplies to cover all the kitchen counters and stain your hands and clothes with disassembled markers.

And in the end, or after a whole day tinkering, there it is, your crossbow.

and it works!!

What will he think of tomorrow???

Now if you will excuse me I have things to knit, now where is that Ipod so I can count my rows??
New Yarn, new project ooooooohhhhh!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bird in hand

Started these mittens more that a year ago, only thing to finish was one thumb. Why oh why, I did not finish them then is a mystery.
Anyway while going trough my UFO's there are not many I have to say.
A sweater for DH, a pair of gloves missing one glove, a pair of socks both socks knitted half way and two lace projects one with beads and one I think I might frog because there is only about an inch or two done.

Yesterday we did go to Stitches west. whoohooo DH, DS and a friend tagged along and the boys even managed to behave (kind of)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

just because

Just because I have no pictures of knitting to show from the last few days. Yes, there was some knitting but no pics.
But I love taking pictures of random items.

I kinda feel the need to cast on for yet another project tonight.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pinnacles movies

video video


The weather has been very nice for the past few days, so we packed up a lunch and headed out for a hike at Pinnacles National Monument.
We love this place, actually we buy an annual pass every year.
The hike to the reservoir is fun, the views stunning and the caves are great to wander through (not to mention nice and cool)
Of course the boys have mom trailing behind, as always, I have to stop around every corner to make pictures, and ever since the Flip also little movies.

And after a hike, it lunch always tastes very good! By the time we left the parking lot and the overflow parking was full.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Say Hi, everybody!!!


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse

Did I ever mention I want a dog???

Monday, February 07, 2011

Could not resist....

Just could not resist casting on with this yarn, just had to.

The color change is wonderful, only thing I am not happy with that there is not many choice, most of the color ways have purple in them.
All the patterns I want to knit with this yarn are playing through my head, mittens, hats.......

But for now, back to my knee highs blogged here, one is done the second one is just passed the cuff.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

February feels like spring

It was nice outside today, very nice, so nice that I spend the afternoon sitting outside in the sunshine with some knitting of course!
Only down part is that of course the motorized lawnmower/blower/hedge trimmer brigade in the neighbor hood was also out if full force.
Don't they know I want to sit in peace and listen to a podcast or two and enjoy the birds??

The black and white tiger did not come by for a visit either, so I resorted to taking pictures of our grass. Yes I know, our lawn needs work, but I prefer to spend my free day doing almost nothing. Except for the never ending pile of laundry, cooking and some cleaning.

And playing with my new toy, the Flip camera.

And look how beautiful the sky was tonight, spring is in the air!!