Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to work

It is over, our week long break is gone, tomorrow it is back to reality.
What did I do over the week?? I sorted out old clothes, cleaned the garage (sad to report no big spiders where found), cleaned inside the house, finally got our old bed and couch picked up for donation and did load after load of laundry.
The house is squeaky clean, and we can go back to school.

I did manage to squeeze in some knitting, a little monster and a doily just for fun.

Oh, and we went for a little ride in the country side, it is lovely, spring is almost here! Although I would not mind if there was just a little bit more snow.

To top of my week, on Friday after returning from the dreaded groceries there was a package on our doorstep.
My birthday present from my sister and her family!! Needless to say I love it!!

Oh, and a new bag, so "lief", going to tote this thing around every day with me :)
Believe me it holds a lot of yarn and knitting projects (insert evil laugh)

There also was some very nice yarn, will show projects later, and drop (licorice) sadly all the edible items in the box did not make it to this photo shoot *burp*.
They where highly appreciated by the boys and me and did not last very long, except for the Shoarma seasoning, which can't be eaten straight out of the package but one actually has to cook with it.

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anita said...

Jippppieieiei you liked it, and now shoarma