Sunday, March 06, 2011

Beads and Fabric

A rainy Sunday and a birth day gift from a friend created a new obsession. I admit, I am already addicted to knitting but playing with fabric is fun too. Especially when I see something like this coming by while surfing the world wide web. Luck would have it that somehow the perfect fabric for this landed in my hands (oops).

And in no time there was a little tea wallet.

After the wallet and the making of a new project bag (one can never have to many) I could not resist any longer and had to try some of those sparkly beaded edges, from the b-day gift book. (Thank you!!)
I did run into a very frustrating snaffoo, of all the yarn in the world, I do NOT have the right one for this, mine is either too thin or to thick. (I think I have to make another field trip) one strand of sewing thread and a size 14 hook is just too fiddly, although the green and black is kinda pretty.
Two strands of sewing thread does not work, it is the right thickness, but I kept loosing one of the two threads.

Bigger beads and thicker yarn, crochet cotton #10, yarn fine, beads to big for my taste.

Stay tuned, I am not done with this yet!!
In the mean time there is a new project bag and it wants a new project......

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Nicole said...

I want that pattern! I need to make a few tea wallets, myself... :)