Saturday, March 19, 2011


It is finished, blocked and dry! My first stranded shawl.
I have done lace and lace with beads, but never a stranded color work one. It is so different than blocking a lace shawl. Lace is a blob when it comes of the needles and turns into a recognizable shape and its full glory after blocking.
This on the other hand is not a frump when it glides of the needles, you actually can see its shape and how big it is going to be. Of course it flattened out and grew a little and after it was dry I could not stop petting it and showing it off.

And look, the back, almost as beautiful as the front.

Can't wait to wear it!
Now what to cast on for next.............


Madame Leiderhosen said...


Pearly Queen said...

Truly beautiful. Such glowing colours!

muebles camobel said...

So, I don't really believe it may have success.