Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring break

It is Spring Break and the weather finally is a little warmer and sunnier. Don't get me wrong I love the rain. Love it, really do but I also like sitting in the garden on my days off and listen to podcasts, watch the birds (and the black and white tiger) go by, and knit.
The Oranges from our little orange tree are again plenty full this year, DS just picked the first batch.
and because some of them where covered with a few spider webs, he gave them a bath

Washing oranges with a few tiny webs on them is a big task for a teenager with a bit of a fear of spiders. You preferably do not touch them with your bare hands until you are sure there is no more web left.

While DS was doing that, for me there was/is some more test knitting to do.

Believe me it goes better while enjoying a beer.

Last week I finished these two, the pattern is called Milo. Very cute and very easy.

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Nicole said...

Cute! I love the way the new one is turning out. Looking forward to seeing it tonight!