Thursday, April 07, 2011

A square Granny

I might have traveled via the World Wide Web to a certain giant bookstore and ordered this. And while waiting for it to arrive, I thought some practice is in order.
Flowers, little itty bitty tatted flowers.

So far spring break has been not such a good one, of course I had to come down with a cold followed by a day of some sort of stomach bug.
Why is it always when there is a week or a few days off, I come down with something??
Of course one could tell something had to be really wrong when I broke out the crochet hook this past Sunday and made this:

A giant granny square.
I don't like granny squares or crocheting that much anyway. It reminds me always of that one year our grandmother decided she would make us (my little sister and me, I do not remember if our cousin got one too) a granny square dress.
I don't know what my sister thought of it at the time but I hated the thing.
Mine was green and white, it even had a crochet-on manly looking tie. In my mind I looked like a walking Christmas tree decoration.
Later we got "fur Jackets" to go with them, also crocheted, with giant loops to mimic the fur. Of course we were made to wear this "ensemble" out in public.

To make a long story short, I finished the square (it was supposed to be a pillow case for a large floor pillow we have) and gave up to make one for the other side.
While working on it my cold kicked in with the ever tell tale beginning of a sore throat and sniffling, punishment for making granny squares I guess.

There was also some beaded trim that I made this week, but more about that later.........

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