Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers day

After spending yesterday at a Math convention for my work and being in the middle of testing season I was so tired and came home with a giant headache.
It does not happen often but I really had to go lay down, close the curtains and pull the blankets over me. After two hours I felt so much better, head ache almost gone together with the nausea.

This morning, the boys woke me up with coffee, let me sleep in a little bit more and to my surprise they went out and got me my favorite Starbucks!!
After that we spend the rest of the morning cleaning house, doing laundry and vacuuming.

In the afternoon, DH surprised me with a bouquet of deep red roses!!
They look lovely and sit in a vase right next to my favorite knitting spot in the living room.

Last week after coming home from work I spend most of the time knitting on the deadline for the Chinatown Jacket. Happy to say it is finished and looks very, very cute!! Now on to find the perfect buttons.

The Osier socks are also finished and are already living with their new owner.

And of course I dabbled some more in tatting, I like it and am getting the hang of it, if it was only already summer break so I could work on a little collection to sell.

On of my favorite flowers are out in full bloom too, gotta love the orange!!!
Happy Mothers day to all the mothers, stepmothers, aunts, grandma's and caretakers!!

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Nicole said...

Happy mothers' day! Sounds like you had a good day, and I love your photos!