Friday, June 17, 2011

Hollywooooooooooooooood, part one

Warning!! the following posts are going to be full, and I mean full of pictures.
It will take me days to go through every single one of them look at them and relive the memorie of actually seeing these Iconic pieces in person! By the end of the day my battery was empty!!
And I did not even take pictures of all the beautiful people I met.

A few weeks ago a very good friend asked if there was anybody interested to go to this, on a special viewing date. OMG!! nobody has to ask me twice, I loooooove old movies!!
So, to make a long story short, we both left husbands and children behind and drove to LA.
We stayed with her friend, spend a most wonderful night out in town, dancing and singing the night away.
The next morning the parking fairies were on our side, after we entered the (small) parking garage underneath the building, the attendant shouted at the next car it was full!!
We skipped upstairs, and walked into the world of costumes and props.

Steward Granger's costume from "Young Bess"

Michael Rennie, "Desiree"
Marlon Brando, "Napoleon Bonaparte"

Rex Harrison, "My Fair Lady"
Jean Hagen, "Singing in the Rain"
Marilyn Monroe, "Gentlemen prefer Blondes"

Judy Garland, dress and slippers worn for the first two weeks of filming, "Wizard of Ozz"
Lana Turner, "Diane"
Audrey Hepburn, "My Fair Lady"

Claudette Colbert, "Cleopatra"

Debbie Reynolds, "Singing in the rain"
Judy Garland, "Meet me in St. Louis"

Me and Barbra Streisands' dress from "Hello Dolly"

Hedy Lamarr, "Sampson and Delilah"

Marilyn Monroe's subway dress, Isn't it delicious!

Plenty more to come in the next posts.

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