Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The weeks fly by

The weeks fly by when you are busy. The first few weeks of summer break are always filled with chores I put off until the break.
My car needed a smog check, and it still needs to go to a garage to have the "weird sound" taken care off. Thing is, one can not do without a car here. It is not a city that has everything within walking distance (or biking distance). For every little thing one needs to hop in the car.

And besides the chores there was beading, sparkling tiny beads in geometric forms.
It is very addicting and I am adding more and more shapes and beads until I run out of daylight and have to switch to knitting. Yeah, I know poor little me having to choose between yarn and beads.
The green Grinch shawl was finished last week and in true acrylic yarn fashion it is slowly unblocking itself.

The answers to the pictures from the last post:
1 Endmund Gwen "Kris Kringle" suit from Miracle on 34th street
2 Bette Davis "Queen Elizabeth I" dress from The Virgin Queen
3 Yul Brynner "King Mongkut" robe from The King and I
4 Costumes from Mutiny on the Bounty
5 Rita Hayworth "Maribelle Hicks" dress from Cover Girl
6 Deborah Kerr "Catherine Parr" dress from Young Bess
7 Elizabeth Taylor "Velvet Brown" racing suit from National Velvet
8 Greta Garbo "Anna Karenina"
9 Leslie Caron "Gigi"
10 Shirley Temple "Virginia Cary" dress from The Littlest Rebel
11 Julie Andrews "Maria" do-re-mi dress from The sound of Music
12 Merle Oberon "Empress Josephine" coronation gown from Desiree
13 Barbra Streisand "Dolly Levi" from Hello Dolly!
14 Mary Astor "Mrs. Anna Smith" gown from Meet me in St. Louis
15 Marilyn Monroe "Kay Weston" gown from River of no Return.

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José said...

I love the green shawl