Monday, June 06, 2011

WIP's and a FO

It has been a long time since I posted some knitting projects. Not that I did not do anything, there are many WIP's in progress.

Something I did finish over the last week, meet Nameless Monster. He still needs a name but I am depending on my friends to be creative in the "monster-naming-department".
Nameless is very fond of all the Sand Dollars we found at the beach and every now and then we hear him scream "Dollaaaah".
Of course we gave him the job of protecting the shells and "Dollaaaah's".
He can live with us over the summer but after that he has to go to school just like any young monster.

Than there is the green sparkle shawl I am working on, I was of course drawn to the color and the sparkle and not particularly fond of the quality of the yarn.
It will make a nice and warm shawl for the chilly summer evenings. Make that more like winter evenings with the weather we are having lately.

Also in the WIP's one Artichoke sock is done! I really like the outcome of the pattern and the use of beads in the cuff.

The countdown until summer break has begun, only 4 more school days!! I can't wait to have a bit more knitting/crafting time.
And to treat myself to something fun I ordered some of these in nice colors for more Monsters!

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Nicole said...

I love the artichoke sock! It came out great!