Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily visits and beads

Every day we get a visitor (blogged about it some time ago). She is cute and she knows it. She announces her visit at the back screen door, and usually she does not have to wait long until one of us comes out for cuddles and playtime. Even DH who is allergic to cat hair loves her as long as they can play outside.
If we happen to sit outside she comes and sits underneath the table or takes up a spot in the grass.
I wish we could have an indoor cat or dog, but for now we have to settle with daily visits from Shamu.
In between dentist visit and cleaning out closets and old toys from DS, I have spend some time beading and knitting. I started a Cardigan, tried to lengthen it and ended up frogging the whole thing. Starting over with this one and adding long sleeves instead of the short ones.
So besides the freshly printed out pattern there is nothing to show for yet.
The beads on the other hand, there is something to show.

twelve little segments,
turn into this
I don't really know if Shamu loves it as much as I do.

But she might think I am a little "weird".......

Anyway, now I need to figure out a neat way to make this into a necklace.

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