Saturday, July 23, 2011

a drive through the hills

This morning we decided on a whim it was time again to drive up to Mt. Hamilton and enjoy our picnic lunch there. We never seem to get enough of that place.
It has the best little spots to take pictures, never mind how many times we have been there, there is always something new to see.
I just wish I could be there once at night during a thunderstorm, now wouldn't that make for stunning pic's??
Not to mention looking trough one of the telescopes from the Observatory

We took the long road back at the other side of the hill and counted the cattle guards on our way.
Once home of course the black and white tiger was already waiting in the back yard for her daily cuddle.


Nicole said...

I have a friend who works/lives there, and she gets some great photos.

socks and said...

Love seeing the telescopes. There is a 60" on Mt Wilson that you can reserve for night viewing. Check it out some time. I hope to do this with my husband someday in the not too distant future.