Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It is July already!!

Time flies, but not if you are waiting for the fireworks to start....

The weather is warm, a bit to warm for my liking. I have trouble sleeping, my joints hurt. The warm weather is not for me. In the morning and in the evening when it is still cool, or cools down I sit in the garden and knit.
Of course I had to start a new pair of knee highs in my beloved Noro yarn. Who doesn't want to knit warm socks for winter when outside it is even to hot for the birds to fly?
This is my third pair of Noro knee highs, the other two pair where made two years ago, worn a lot by both me and DH, repaired a few times but they need replacement.

Oh, and look I found a bug on the window, perfect to pull out my macro and make some pictures.

Isn't he lovely??

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Nicole said...

I like looking at the socks much more than looking at the bug. Just sayin'.