Friday, August 26, 2011

Moving boxes

It is true one does accumulate to much "stuff" over the years. And it hits you when you have to pack and unpack all that "stuff".
We moved two weeks ago, I can't even believe it is already two weeks.
There where a lot of boxes! We are now pretty much unpacked only the little school house is not done, it is going to be my studio and I can't wait to finish everything in the house and finally sit down and do some crafty stuff.
Moving from the town to the country side also includes some farm animals. They are not ours but petting and feeding is part of the new ritual at our new "digs".
This is Pacco, he is very curious and wants to see at all times what you are doing, and if it involves food.

And DS has to our surprise a big love for chickens, he feeds them daily.

And he sits and talks to them.
We love looking at the sunset,

And take strolls out in the fields

More to come later, after those last boxes that nobody really wants to unpack.

Friday, August 19, 2011

One Yarn's Adventures at Knit Nation London and Sock Summit 2011: Interm...

Yeah at 9.16 it get's really weird, Hey wait, it's me and the viking gang!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Memory lane

OK, I have to admit I like looking at old pictures, not necessarily mine though. I have collected a whole array of those old black and white pictures over the years. In particular the ones pasted on cardboard and sometimes even hand colored in. I have one from a very stern looking man with a big curly mustache and overly pink cheeks.
My goal is to frame and hang them all (eventually), in the mean time whenever I am at a flee market or antique store and I can find that lonely face that nobody knows anymore, or is just willing to sell or give away, I am game.

Of course I do own some old (and not so old) ones from my own family and long forgotten family members, those are my special treasures.
To me these are history, this is what I am today, my roots.

And then there are these: My Mother, Neighbor Gerrie, girl next door Barbara and my own little Sister. She is the one with the red knee highs and the wooden shoes. And yes, she wore those all the time!! I remember I took the picture, the occasion for the traditional dress was the birth of little Barbara's brother, it was time for the mother to show the baby, in turn for showing the child the "Noabers" (neighbors) would deliver a "krentewegge" and sing songs.
But the picture just is awesome, look at the cars in the back!

A more recent one from my dad, doing something he loves and I miss sometimes. Being on the water, the wind and sometimes even the rain, the sound and the smell would bring me right back to weeks spend on the water.

Whoops, not going to mention who this happy little girl is.....

And then this one, freaky-deaky, a reminder that
1. I should never ever have a perm again.
2. Never make faces anymore, I do look like a cartoon character in a not so good way.
3. Vertical stripes are the worst

Nope, putting it in Black and White does not make it better.

The old tractor at my grandma's farm and the hours we spend riding around on it, plowing and planting potatoes.
It was also used in parades, here my Dad's younger brother gives away a nice impression of a farmer.
And back to reality, this pair I started during sock summit, I needed a simple knit while chatting, the first one was finished on the train. The second one is almost finished, the colors make me happy!! Time to think of the next project to start.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Moaning Myrtle on the train


Home again, bye bye sock summit

Monday in the early afternoon, we headed over to the Portland Train station. Only four or five stops from our hotel with the light rail and within the free (!!) green zone. Portlands public transportation rocks by the way!!

The station is beautiful and in the process of restoration.

and there where more knitters present!! Guess we are not the only train traveling sock knitters.

Wandering around the station is fun, and I did have a nice chat with a fellow photographer.

there is a bridge that actually goes over the tracks and you can watch the trains up close.

The inside is lovely just the neon signs alone are awesome!

Once in the train we did some knitting, big surprise there, and had dinner in the dining car.

The train rocked us to sleep until it came to a stop in Chico and waked both of us up. I do have to say we both totally missed every stop in between, and in our train riding induced sleep there is no station in Redding.
The sunset is very nice and we said "Hi" to the familiar "marine layer".
The waiters in the train are true jugglers, imagine walking around with a full tray of drinks and food in a wobbly train car.

I did come home to a house with no food (that's what you get when you leave your loved ones home alone) and had to do some groceries. It takes a while to get down from the high of Sock Summit and to process all the fun and new ideas. Going to cast on with my new yarn tonight (If only I could decide which one)
Oh, and I found out one can do a fine imitation of moaning Myrtle when the train goes into a tunnel (they might not let me on a train again)

Fleece to Foot

On Saturday night we were invited by Chrissy Gardiner to marvel over the socks for her upcoming book. We traveled by light rail and bus and turns out traveling with another group of knitters from Sacramento. There was fun on the bus, lotsa fun, we even cheered when a lady came on the bus and promptly pulled out her needles and started knitting on a scarf. I bet she had no idea she landed smack dab in the middle of a bus full of knitters. Her face lit up when we applauded her.
The Sacramento ladies signed up to do the Fleece to Foot challenge the next morning and were frantically searching for another member. Of course I got wheeled in.................. (as I am a sucker for these things)
So the next morning I checked in just in time to see the start and the shearing of the sheep.
The spinning began, and because I was stepping in at noon, I dashed over to the Marketplace to do some last minute shopping. It was the last day after all and one always is in need of more yarn!!

Our charity, How appropriate, since we are a house of geeks and our son is named after an astronomer!! And to top it off it was Harry Potters birthday too!!

Our fleece lovely color, but we could have done without the "smelly bits" in it.
It was hard to knit, but afterwards (after a proper, vigorous washing of the hands) they where nice and soft from the lanolin.
Also a nice reminder that this yarn is NOT suitable for "spit splicing"

Our sock, not fully complete (only a few grafted stitches left on the cuff)

And look, Harry left his glasses.

And of course a team picture after all was done and the winner was announced. Team World Wide Mash up won, every team did an excellent job and I would sign up in a heart beat for SS13, it was so much fun.

Alas, Sock Summit was over, the lights dimmed in the Marketplace and it was time to have dinner and spend one last night in our Hotel before heading home on the train the next day.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Socks, socks, socks

After arriving Thursday morning early at the convention center, I decided just to hang out at the tables while my friends took classes. It was a blast sitting at a table and being joined by knitters compare knit projects, talk about classes, what booth to visit etc.

After I sat there almost all morning somebody pointed out the pendulum to me, we where amost sitting under it and I did not see it! DUH, way to focused on knitting.
When we arrived the day before we noticed the little park one block from the convention center and on its fence was an announcement for a farmers market the next day. So for lunch we decided we wanted something healthy and get some fruit for our room to snack on.

There were cherries, strawberries and the most delicious blackberries. And there was the Trolley, where you could buy a sandwich lunch (or soup) freshly prepared.
For the next two days we got our lunch at the "trolley lady" and ate it in the sunshine at the park.
Best deal ever!! For five dollars one can get a trolley special. Soup, Sandwich, Chips and three fresh mini doughnuts, to much to even finish.

Later that night at the opening of the Market place I scored some orange (big surprise) yarn and some rainbow yarn to start a plain sock just because I had trouble keeping up with my colorwork sock while chatting.
We had so much fun with our silly hats!

Look, it is Lucy Neatby sporting a viking hat!

and Megpie, hmmmmm wonder how I knew her name??

And after the opening ceremony we even posed behind the GATE.

Sockie went to the lecture that Stephanie gave.

so did my plain sock! Call it emergency knitting.

And at a late night dinner at Burgerville, I commented on a strangers hat, he promptly put it on my head, the hat maker was attending the OSCON 2011 held in the same convention center. Low and behold the next day he bought a ticket to the Sock Summit and was wandering the marketplace!! Turns out his wife is a spinner and knitter and he was bringing her back some souvenirs to England.