Friday, August 05, 2011

Fleece to Foot

On Saturday night we were invited by Chrissy Gardiner to marvel over the socks for her upcoming book. We traveled by light rail and bus and turns out traveling with another group of knitters from Sacramento. There was fun on the bus, lotsa fun, we even cheered when a lady came on the bus and promptly pulled out her needles and started knitting on a scarf. I bet she had no idea she landed smack dab in the middle of a bus full of knitters. Her face lit up when we applauded her.
The Sacramento ladies signed up to do the Fleece to Foot challenge the next morning and were frantically searching for another member. Of course I got wheeled in.................. (as I am a sucker for these things)
So the next morning I checked in just in time to see the start and the shearing of the sheep.
The spinning began, and because I was stepping in at noon, I dashed over to the Marketplace to do some last minute shopping. It was the last day after all and one always is in need of more yarn!!

Our charity, How appropriate, since we are a house of geeks and our son is named after an astronomer!! And to top it off it was Harry Potters birthday too!!

Our fleece lovely color, but we could have done without the "smelly bits" in it.
It was hard to knit, but afterwards (after a proper, vigorous washing of the hands) they where nice and soft from the lanolin.
Also a nice reminder that this yarn is NOT suitable for "spit splicing"

Our sock, not fully complete (only a few grafted stitches left on the cuff)

And look, Harry left his glasses.

And of course a team picture after all was done and the winner was announced. Team World Wide Mash up won, every team did an excellent job and I would sign up in a heart beat for SS13, it was so much fun.

Alas, Sock Summit was over, the lights dimmed in the Marketplace and it was time to have dinner and spend one last night in our Hotel before heading home on the train the next day.

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