Friday, August 05, 2011

Home again, bye bye sock summit

Monday in the early afternoon, we headed over to the Portland Train station. Only four or five stops from our hotel with the light rail and within the free (!!) green zone. Portlands public transportation rocks by the way!!

The station is beautiful and in the process of restoration.

and there where more knitters present!! Guess we are not the only train traveling sock knitters.

Wandering around the station is fun, and I did have a nice chat with a fellow photographer.

there is a bridge that actually goes over the tracks and you can watch the trains up close.

The inside is lovely just the neon signs alone are awesome!

Once in the train we did some knitting, big surprise there, and had dinner in the dining car.

The train rocked us to sleep until it came to a stop in Chico and waked both of us up. I do have to say we both totally missed every stop in between, and in our train riding induced sleep there is no station in Redding.
The sunset is very nice and we said "Hi" to the familiar "marine layer".
The waiters in the train are true jugglers, imagine walking around with a full tray of drinks and food in a wobbly train car.

I did come home to a house with no food (that's what you get when you leave your loved ones home alone) and had to do some groceries. It takes a while to get down from the high of Sock Summit and to process all the fun and new ideas. Going to cast on with my new yarn tonight (If only I could decide which one)
Oh, and I found out one can do a fine imitation of moaning Myrtle when the train goes into a tunnel (they might not let me on a train again)

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socks and said...

Great photos of Union Station in PDX. Which train did you take? Judithio and I (Altygrae) took the Empire Builder to Chicago. We had a wonderful trip by train to and from Sock Summit. Tons of knitting time and time to get clocks and minds adjusted to mundane living again. Thanks for this series of posts about Sock Summit.