Saturday, August 06, 2011

Memory lane

OK, I have to admit I like looking at old pictures, not necessarily mine though. I have collected a whole array of those old black and white pictures over the years. In particular the ones pasted on cardboard and sometimes even hand colored in. I have one from a very stern looking man with a big curly mustache and overly pink cheeks.
My goal is to frame and hang them all (eventually), in the mean time whenever I am at a flee market or antique store and I can find that lonely face that nobody knows anymore, or is just willing to sell or give away, I am game.

Of course I do own some old (and not so old) ones from my own family and long forgotten family members, those are my special treasures.
To me these are history, this is what I am today, my roots.

And then there are these: My Mother, Neighbor Gerrie, girl next door Barbara and my own little Sister. She is the one with the red knee highs and the wooden shoes. And yes, she wore those all the time!! I remember I took the picture, the occasion for the traditional dress was the birth of little Barbara's brother, it was time for the mother to show the baby, in turn for showing the child the "Noabers" (neighbors) would deliver a "krentewegge" and sing songs.
But the picture just is awesome, look at the cars in the back!

A more recent one from my dad, doing something he loves and I miss sometimes. Being on the water, the wind and sometimes even the rain, the sound and the smell would bring me right back to weeks spend on the water.

Whoops, not going to mention who this happy little girl is.....

And then this one, freaky-deaky, a reminder that
1. I should never ever have a perm again.
2. Never make faces anymore, I do look like a cartoon character in a not so good way.
3. Vertical stripes are the worst

Nope, putting it in Black and White does not make it better.

The old tractor at my grandma's farm and the hours we spend riding around on it, plowing and planting potatoes.
It was also used in parades, here my Dad's younger brother gives away a nice impression of a farmer.
And back to reality, this pair I started during sock summit, I needed a simple knit while chatting, the first one was finished on the train. The second one is almost finished, the colors make me happy!! Time to think of the next project to start.

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anita said...

Like the picture of the both off us, you make me look soooo good (hihihihihihihi)