Friday, August 26, 2011

Moving boxes

It is true one does accumulate to much "stuff" over the years. And it hits you when you have to pack and unpack all that "stuff".
We moved two weeks ago, I can't even believe it is already two weeks.
There where a lot of boxes! We are now pretty much unpacked only the little school house is not done, it is going to be my studio and I can't wait to finish everything in the house and finally sit down and do some crafty stuff.
Moving from the town to the country side also includes some farm animals. They are not ours but petting and feeding is part of the new ritual at our new "digs".
This is Pacco, he is very curious and wants to see at all times what you are doing, and if it involves food.

And DS has to our surprise a big love for chickens, he feeds them daily.

And he sits and talks to them.
We love looking at the sunset,

And take strolls out in the fields

More to come later, after those last boxes that nobody really wants to unpack.

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Anonymous said...

hoi familie K

wat lees ik nu zijn jullie verhuist??
waar naar toe??
ik heb je gevonden op skype,zou je je misschien aan kunnen melden??

groetjes WIetsina