Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Socks, socks, socks

After arriving Thursday morning early at the convention center, I decided just to hang out at the tables while my friends took classes. It was a blast sitting at a table and being joined by knitters compare knit projects, talk about classes, what booth to visit etc.

After I sat there almost all morning somebody pointed out the pendulum to me, we where amost sitting under it and I did not see it! DUH, way to focused on knitting.
When we arrived the day before we noticed the little park one block from the convention center and on its fence was an announcement for a farmers market the next day. So for lunch we decided we wanted something healthy and get some fruit for our room to snack on.

There were cherries, strawberries and the most delicious blackberries. And there was the Trolley, where you could buy a sandwich lunch (or soup) freshly prepared.
For the next two days we got our lunch at the "trolley lady" and ate it in the sunshine at the park.
Best deal ever!! For five dollars one can get a trolley special. Soup, Sandwich, Chips and three fresh mini doughnuts, to much to even finish.

Later that night at the opening of the Market place I scored some orange (big surprise) yarn and some rainbow yarn to start a plain sock just because I had trouble keeping up with my colorwork sock while chatting.
We had so much fun with our silly hats!

Look, it is Lucy Neatby sporting a viking hat!

and Megpie, hmmmmm wonder how I knew her name??

And after the opening ceremony we even posed behind the GATE.

Sockie went to the lecture that Stephanie gave.

so did my plain sock! Call it emergency knitting.

And at a late night dinner at Burgerville, I commented on a strangers hat, he promptly put it on my head, the hat maker was attending the OSCON 2011 held in the same convention center. Low and behold the next day he bought a ticket to the Sock Summit and was wandering the marketplace!! Turns out his wife is a spinner and knitter and he was bringing her back some souvenirs to England.

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Love your recap! Looking forward to more. The Viking hats were quite a hit!