Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Train travels

Queen Sockie, Megpie and I traveled to Portland OR to attend the Sock Summit. Our choice of transportation was the train.
About an hour and fourty minutes later than expected we boarded the Coast Starlight at around 10 pm.
half an hour into our adventure the train rocked us both asleep and we woke up to a beautiful day.

here is Sockie waiting for the train, a little more than an hour waiting on those benches is not the most fun!
Mount Shasta viewed from the train's back window

We made it into Oregon, look it is green and there is water

Eugene Oregon, a "fresh air/smoke stop" where all the smokers would have a little time to get out of the train to get some "fresh air".

A paper mill close to Portland

We arrived the next day only half an hour later than the scheduled time. We trekked over to the Hotel with the help of Portland's wonderful and free light rail system, met up with our posse, checked in at Sock Summit and after dinner we rolled into our beds.

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