Monday, September 05, 2011

A Long Weekend

We had a nice long weekend, and by now the three days are gone. 
This was the first weekend in a long time we where not surrounded by unpacked moving boxes, we just enjoyed the house and it's surroundings, DS had a friend over and the boys enjoyed the farm. Not so much the cleaning of the chicken coop, especially after going to sleep at 2 am!
 We enjoyed the sitting outside on the porch, reading a book (DH),
Or doing some crocheting and knitting while enjoying a beer.
 Crochet flowers, no idea what to do with them yet, but I had this nice magazine and just had to try some.
 Paco was on the lookout for some food.
 View from the kitchen window, I watched this little one while I was cooking lunch.
 It is also fun to play with the magnetic Bucky balls that DS got a while back. He wants more of them and seeing how fun it is to play with I can understand why. I do have to admit it is not easy to build stuff from in the beginning, they stick (duh) especially when you don't want them to stick together or on another surface.
Tomorrow it is back to work, short weeks for some reason always seem to look longer. Our next four day weekend is not until Thanksgiving, by then it is November and if we are lucky it is still nice enough to sit outside on the porch.

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