Sunday, September 25, 2011

 Again a whole week of no posts, weeks fly by. By the time I am home from work, there is more work to be done at home. I keep wishing for some kind of cleaning fairies, gnomes or maybe even Dobby wants to come and live with us to clean. Yesterday I finally set up everything in the school house. A nice day was spend behind the sewing machine making Christmas buntings. They are almost done so pictures will follow very soon!!

 Living on the farm means constant change, I wonder what is going to grow here.

 DS lizzard is growing and is already feeling very much at home, he or she we don't know, already eats out of our hands. We can tell it is growing, to me it is just amazing that in 6 months it should be a full grown Bearded dragon. He/she is so cute!

I also started to make beaded stars for Christmas gifts. Don't know if they are going to be for bracelets or necklaces. For now it is just playing around with the different patterns and color combinations.
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