Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Weather

Above my desk at work is a whole collection of knitted toys that I made over time. I keep adding more but for some reason it seems the shelf never is too full. I could have sworn I made way more than these over the 5 years I work there. Now I like to think that they play together just like the toys in Toy story, but my gut says they don't wander off on their own. 
Of course it is time for the all over "catching-a-cold" at work and I got it too.
It got better just in time for the weekend, so I could enjoy a day of knitting with my friends and a lazy Sunday was spend half in the school house crafting and half of the day on the porch.
We do have a new "tiger" that keeps us company. Don't know what it is, he is again not ours but comes over for snacks and food and lately cuddles.
He just like the Black and White tiger in our former home lays underneath our chairs or if one is available on the chair.

 He is cute and he knows it.
 And he talks, we did have a whole conversation, I know he does not speak human, and I don't speak cat but we get along pretty well.
 After knit day I have a severe case of startitis, and there is already this on the needles.
Shawl Maia
 and a pair of mittens, one is done and the other one on the needles.
But yet there are more projects I really want to start. 
Going to be strong.............

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Planning to spend my day in the school house and doing some crafty stuff. After a very strange, hectic week at work, which I do not want to repeat ever in this lifetime, I also managed to loose my voice over night and have a sore throat. 
So being in the school house all by myself and the glorious sound of birds is a good idea. Nobody to talk to but the voices in my head, heeehee.
For now, here is the Diva, she loves the attention every time one wanders into her world, and she is not camera shy either.

Thinking of doing some Christmas crafty stuff, so I can get a head start on the gifts.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ready for Fall

After a few days of glorious rain, many don't like the word glorious used in this sentence, but it was lovely to have some rain and colder weather.
The warm weather and sunshine returned, the painting on the barn started. 

 And this morning a whole bunch of peppers where harvested when I looked out the window.

 There are lots of birds around, also some strange looking ones came by, this is Kiwi. Pattern found here

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Skeletons need clothing too!

I came across the wooden skeletons that I bought a few years back in an after-Halloween sale. The girls where just begging to be dressed up in their Halloween finest.
What girl would not like some tule, ribbon and sequins?

 The chickens in Cluckingham palace are not that impressed, only thing they are interested in is food.
 Paco on the other hand thought it very interesting, but in fear of the girls (including me) ending up with a nice green snot spit, we stayed at a safe distance.
 Tess was only interested in a nice long talk and some behind-the-ear scratching.
 Who also moved into the farm is Mona, this lovely monster who likes to dress up for Halloween was a test knit for Anna from Mochimochi Land. Pattern can be found here.

 Mona likes her costume, although going out in the fields made her a bit shy.

There is more knitting on the needles, the only thing is that I need to find more time. If you have any on hand or know how to generate more hours in a day, please let me know.
For now we are waiting on that big rainstorm that has been promised to us for days. Finally after a few very warm (hot) things are cooling down.
We are finally settled in here and it starts to feel like home. There is one thing about moving that totally baffles me. I lost things that I know (really believe me, I KNOW) had packed. I even saw the box here in the house, touched it even. And I just can not find the content of it.
My mouse from my laptop is gone, so are my headphones, my fishie vest, my new rainbow socks that I made at Sock Summit and my bead crochet book that I got from Kniterlines for my birthday. The last one bothers me the most. I have the urge to make some of that stuff for a nice little curtain for the bathroom. Have the fabric, have the yarn, have the beads but can not find the book. It is driving me bonkers!!!
For now, I think a cup of coffee is in order and some knitting while I wait for the rain.