Sunday, November 06, 2011

If you are not fond of Spider pictures and get the urge to toss your computer out of the window then run screaming through the house with the feeling of taking the jump yourself then don't look farther then the first pretty rainbow pictures.

There, now you are warned!!

 It was a rainy, but not that rainy, weekend. Just perfect, nice temperature small and pleasant showers and to top it off this afternoon a pretty full rainbow over the farm.
We all went outside to marvel at it, I almost was tempted to imitate this guy but it was not THAT intense.
In the mean time I am knitting mittens and knee highs to prepare for the nice cold weather. I can hear my relatives snicker, yeah, we call it "cold" you guys call it a summer day. Never mind, I think knee highs are "da bomb" the only set back is that my legs are long and the knitting really feels like it never ends......

Now for my little spider friend, poor lady almost got smacked in the head with the door (to my defense she did crawl into it her self) Just when I wanted to close the door I saw her, ran inside to get my camera, got her onto a piece of paper and took her to get her passport picture taken.

afterwards I let her go on a tree, DH watching on at a safe distance, he is not that fond of little critters as I am. Last thing to do is find out what kind of spider it is.

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