Sunday, November 13, 2011


A three day weekend has come to an end. We have been looking forward to it for a long time, imagine three whole days off, no school, no work. Besides the household chores of course, those keep coming, never stop, ever. 
But of course I had to schedule my dentist appointment on Thursday and had that pesky molar removed. For the rest of my three day weekend it felt like I had been kicked in the jaw, not to mention the two days of "soft food" while the boys where munching on all good stuff that I could not eat. 
One can only handle so much yogurt and soup.
This afternoon we sat outside in front of the school house and watched the ground squirrels for a while. There is a whole family living in the back, maybe even more that just one family. 
They have build a whole underground castle and frolic about all day.

 See, they make the ground look like Swiss cheese.

While watching them I knitted some on the worlds thickest, warmest knee highs. 

 Turned the heel on the first one, hopefully they will be done before it gets nice and cold here. (Yes, it does get a bit cold here)

 Only 41 days left until Christmas, that means I have to make a start on making decorations. Planning to make one of these a day.

They are called Julekuler (geez, I love that word) and come from this book. There are 55 different kuler in the book, so hard to choose.

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