Sunday, December 25, 2011


From our house to yours,
We wish everybody a good Holiday!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Long time

It has been a while since my last blog post, not much has changed ever since. Jeremy is still "King-of-the-porch" and has a habit of following us everywhere if we are outside. He has taken a special fondness to DH who says he does not like cats. He does however give Jeremy a treat every night after their walk around yard. 

Knitting has come to a standstill ever since an accident I had at work. Turns out thumbs don't really bend well the other way. Doctor gave me a nice splint and just extended the wear time. It drives me up the wall, crafting and knitting is what I love to do. Watching TV with nothing in my hands is like telling a kindergartner to go sit on his hands while everybody else gets to play with glitter and glue.

 These mittens where finished some time ago, together with another red pair and a pair of flip top childrens mittens. The last two pair already are gifted and I (of course) forgot to take pictures.

 I DS and me hung the laundry this afternoon. He does not really like to hang laundry with his mom, but you try it one handed! We turned around and noticed that we color coordinated the laundry with the barn. How is that for OCD? I will take suggestions where to hang the jeans......

Tess loves it if somebody comes outside to sit and talk with her and scratch her nose. Every day we have a little session, I talk, she listens. She is a very good listener (if Paco lets her that is). More about Paco in the next post. He is a character!!