Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It is finished, blocked and dry! My first stranded shawl.
I have done lace and lace with beads, but never a stranded color work one. It is so different than blocking a lace shawl. Lace is a blob when it comes of the needles and turns into a recognizable shape and its full glory after blocking.
This on the other hand is not a frump when it glides of the needles, you actually can see its shape and how big it is going to be. Of course it flattened out and grew a little and after it was dry I could not stop petting it and showing it off.

And look, the back, almost as beautiful as the front.

Can't wait to wear it!
Now what to cast on for next.............

Saturday, March 12, 2011


We have a friend who comes over every day, especially on sunny days when the door is open and she can hear us.
If there is nobody outside, than she comes to the door and demands somebody to come outside.
And we can't help it, we have to go and pet her. I don't know if it is the look or the faint "miauw" that breaks ones heart.

DS is her favorite, she adores him. I think he does give the best head scratches and belly rubs.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


My test knit is coming along nicely, lots of stitches on the needles and growing every other row.

The yarn is Kauni, I just love the color changes in the yarn and stop and pet my work after every row, checking if there is already a noticeable change in color.

Now the question is, one or two medallion repeats??

Beads and Fabric

A rainy Sunday and a birth day gift from a friend created a new obsession. I admit, I am already addicted to knitting but playing with fabric is fun too. Especially when I see something like this coming by while surfing the world wide web. Luck would have it that somehow the perfect fabric for this landed in my hands (oops).

And in no time there was a little tea wallet.

After the wallet and the making of a new project bag (one can never have to many) I could not resist any longer and had to try some of those sparkly beaded edges, from the b-day gift book. (Thank you!!)
I did run into a very frustrating snaffoo, of all the yarn in the world, I do NOT have the right one for this, mine is either too thin or to thick. (I think I have to make another field trip) one strand of sewing thread and a size 14 hook is just too fiddly, although the green and black is kinda pretty.
Two strands of sewing thread does not work, it is the right thickness, but I kept loosing one of the two threads.

Bigger beads and thicker yarn, crochet cotton #10, yarn fine, beads to big for my taste.

Stay tuned, I am not done with this yet!!
In the mean time there is a new project bag and it wants a new project......