Wednesday, February 22, 2012

San Fran.

 The chickens (also known as the ladies) have their egg laying mojo back. So when we had to take care of them for a few days last week we had plenty of eggs.
 I just had to make some of these cute chicks, I found the pattern on pinterest.
 This morning we drove out to San Fransisco to enjoy the day, the weather was to good to pass up a day wandering the city.
 We wandered around at the Ferry Building. Ate lunch outside while doing some people watching. DS enjoyed his lunch and ate half of mine.
 We marveled at the boats, and it always makes me want to go out on the water, I have not been on the water in such a long time. We practically grew up on the water and spend many summer on the lakes and canals.

 We wandered through the city and along the waterside.
 More people had the same idea.

 I just love the creative gardening the Fire department here does.
 And then there is this, it must have been for boats, because there is no way a car could fit here or maybe they haul you of if you happen to park your behind on the bench.

Spring is almost here and at the farm a lot of the trees start to bloom. More about that later.