Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gloomy day

After a few nice and sunny days, the weekend decided to be a bit more gloomy. Saturday was not that bad, a bit windy but sunny. The clouds came in over the ocean in the evening, I love how they just slowly roll over the hills and cover the hills. In the summer it is our natural airco.
It did stay dry today, but is was a lot colder and sure no weather to sit on the porch with my work. Unless you want to be blown away by the wind.

I think I might have a new hobby, making pastries out of wool felt. They even look tasty! DS came in the room and asked for me to please stop making them because they made him hungry.

 I did manage to bring my camera in our early morning walk in the fields. With a glance at the Egrets that reside in the lake behind the house, walking closer would mean balancing on the wet ground and sure enough I left the house on my slippers I use to go inside and outside the house quickly.

 Jeremy was on the hunt this morning, or it just is true that the grass is greener on the other side (He is in the field next to us)

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Nicole said...

Wait... I thought you liked gray, rainy days?