Sunday, March 04, 2012

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air, there is no doubt about that around here. Almost everything is starting to bloom or is getting buds. Paco frolics in the pasture and gives away his best "I-can-jump-like-a-rabbit" impression. 

I just love all the blossoms, it gives everything such a happy look. Work is as usual crazy, but it seems that every year because of the state budget cuts we get more work because they are cutting jobs and less money. The amount of work I have to cram into a workday...... 
DS is waiting for his acceptance letter to the Early College Academy. If accepted he can do High School and College in one. Me for one can hardly believe that I will be the parent of a High School student. 

 Paco and Tess can't believe it either!

 The Ringo mittens for a co-workers little son are finished. The only thing I regret is the color, the blue is not standing out to much from the brown which makes it hard to see that it even is a raccoon.
On the other hand that gives me an excuse to knit another pair.


anita said...

I would go for a white and black pare

And sping, oooh I wish that it was here to, but still no leaves or blossems here.

Nicole said...

Beautiful shots! You take awesome nature photos.