Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Het hagelt, het hagelt

Two weeks ago, we where treated to hail. Lovely big hail. Of course you have to go outside and experience the wind and hail to the fullest, it is after all not every day that you get hail in California. It always reminds me of this commercial from my child hood, if the hail only was made out of chocolate for real.

 See DS gives the thumbs up for going outside, never mind the wind or the fact that hail coming down sideways.
 Jeremy however came running onto the porch after he hid in the bushes for a while. He was out hunting gophers in the back yard and all that weird stuff coming out of the sky kinda put a damper on his hope that a gopher would come outside to play.

 It is fun for as long as it lasts.

 After this adventure I went inside and sat in the comfy chair with the fireplace going and some knitting.

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Nicole said...

We got some hail in the East Bay this past weekend. It's always fun to watch or play in!