Thursday, April 05, 2012


It is spring break!! That means the school year is almost over. I am so looking forward to the summer break.
Last year we had the stress of moving, so hopefully this summer we can relax a bit and just putter around the house.
That is exactly what I did last Sunday, playing with felt was on top of my list.
A little time later these apples where on the fruit bowl in the kitchen.

 Every morning we can see this from our kitchen window, sorry for the bad pic but the window has screening and taking pictures through that is not that easy.
Anyway, they fly into the barn (it is screened off so they can fly inside) hang on the wood and the screening to eat the bugs or whatever snack they find there, fly off, circle the field and come back.
I imagine one or two ringleader birds who are telling the other ones "go" and they fly in, then a count down and they fly out again. It is like watching ballet.

 And while watching the birds fly we also have a rabbit sitting under the trees, it sits there every morning, and every morning we have to check if it is still there.

 Jeremy obviously does not know it is there, or he is being smart and knows he can not outrun it.

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