Monday, April 16, 2012


There are animals enough around here, big birds, little birds you name it.
A very busy woodpecker is attempting to make Swiss cheese from the tree in the front, I listened to him all Sunday morning while enjoying my coffee on the front porch.
There are also two crows in the tree next to the barn, not to mention the two Blue Jays that hang around next to the porch. Very entertaining.
And of course there are the predators flying around.

 One of the barn kitties, they are getting big.

 And our favorite animal, he sure is a character, Paco.

And recently there is this, my guess, about a hundred of them. Watching Swallows build their nests out of clay and doing their acrobatics is fun. But just in case you need to be in the barn, or walk by, you might need an umbrella to shield from the poop-rain. They are both in the back and in the front, there is no escape. My laundry gets pooped on, our car gets pooped on...........

 But they sure are fun to watch!

Tess does not really agree on that, I think, she rather munches on the fresh green grass.

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