Friday, June 29, 2012


Have been puttering around the house the past few days, nothing big, just the chores of everyday. Jeremy of course follows every move and keeps guard over our shoes. Whenever we sit on the porch he wants to be in the chair one of us is sitting. If only he could come inside he would be the king of the castle.

 My bracelet is finally finished, all triangles made contiguously into a bangle, peyote stitch with toho beads size 11

 Also made a triangle pendant, it is reversible, I still have to decide what chain or cord I should use to hang it on.

 For the past few days Jeremy has a favorite spot to sit at night. I was going to throw the box out and put it on the chair to fill it up with other paper so it could go into the recycle bin. When I came back the king of the porch found a new throne. Now I just can not throw it away, he sleeps in it too. We gave him a bigger box, he does not want it. Maybe it is the smell of the Drumsticks!

 It sure is funny to see him sit in there.


Summer break came and the cold that I had been battling for a few weeks came back with a vengeance. After three days of only sleeping and feeling so sick, I finally went to the doctor who promptly told me I was to come in earlier next time. 
Antibiotics and a nice picture of my chest followed. I felt better for a few days, until last Friday. 
Low and behold, Shingles.
So instead of pictures of all the fun stuff we did so far (snort) I give you the oh, so cute kittens that are living in the barn. They are free to pick up since we can not keep them all!

 These two (top and below) are my favorite.

 and Paco of course for good measure

 And a baby Swallow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seahorses and Ipads

By the time we went to the seahorse exhibit it was a lot more crowded. I don't really mind crowded as long as people behave. 
Some people on the other hand........ this time it was a group of about six or seven kids, siblings or two families is my guess, totally rude, pushing everybody aside to make pictures with their Ipads! 
Totally ridiculous, why for heavens sake would one think that you can carry a pad around for pictures? And then six or seven of them at the same time? What I really want to know is what these parents are thinking (or maybe not thinking) And when do they teach their children manners?

  Anyway, Seahorses are totally cool animals and again, I could watch these little creatures all day long.

 Just like the Jelly fish, fascinating

Fish in the water

A visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium is always fun, no matter how many times you have been there.
We arrived just when they opened this morning, it was nice and quiet, outside there where diving lessons going on.
 Inside the fish where about to get fed.
 Feeding frenzy from the sardines, awesome!

 Boo! I am looking at you.

 And when your son gets hold of the camera, it is time for silly pictures!

 Until he starts watching the Jelly fish, one can watch those for hours without getting bored. I have decided that it would be great to sit in the middle and knit the day away while there are no visitors of course!

Sorry for the crappy upload of my pictures, I have no idea why there are stripes on them. More on the seahorses and Jelly fish later.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Before and After

Meet my NoNuppsButBeads Monica shawl, I started the shawl two months ago but since lace knitting with beads takes up a lot of time and counting there is not much leftover in a day for a working girl to actually sit down and knit lace.
With no fail every time I sit down and start counting a row, there is the "Mooooom" call and someone needs something or wants to tell me something.
Summer break started yesterday, and what did I do? Spend almost the whole glorious day adding beads while knitting lace with a tiny crochet hook, Lovely!
It looks like this when it comes of the needles,

And like this when it is soaked and blocked,

Ozzy thinks it is cool too!

Now I have a dilemma, what lace to knit next........