Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Before and After

Meet my NoNuppsButBeads Monica shawl, I started the shawl two months ago but since lace knitting with beads takes up a lot of time and counting there is not much leftover in a day for a working girl to actually sit down and knit lace.
With no fail every time I sit down and start counting a row, there is the "Mooooom" call and someone needs something or wants to tell me something.
Summer break started yesterday, and what did I do? Spend almost the whole glorious day adding beads while knitting lace with a tiny crochet hook, Lovely!
It looks like this when it comes of the needles,

And like this when it is soaked and blocked,

Ozzy thinks it is cool too!

Now I have a dilemma, what lace to knit next........

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Nicole said...

Lovely! The beads look great.