Friday, June 29, 2012


Have been puttering around the house the past few days, nothing big, just the chores of everyday. Jeremy of course follows every move and keeps guard over our shoes. Whenever we sit on the porch he wants to be in the chair one of us is sitting. If only he could come inside he would be the king of the castle.

 My bracelet is finally finished, all triangles made contiguously into a bangle, peyote stitch with toho beads size 11

 Also made a triangle pendant, it is reversible, I still have to decide what chain or cord I should use to hang it on.

 For the past few days Jeremy has a favorite spot to sit at night. I was going to throw the box out and put it on the chair to fill it up with other paper so it could go into the recycle bin. When I came back the king of the porch found a new throne. Now I just can not throw it away, he sleeps in it too. We gave him a bigger box, he does not want it. Maybe it is the smell of the Drumsticks!

 It sure is funny to see him sit in there.

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