Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seahorses and Ipads

By the time we went to the seahorse exhibit it was a lot more crowded. I don't really mind crowded as long as people behave. 
Some people on the other hand........ this time it was a group of about six or seven kids, siblings or two families is my guess, totally rude, pushing everybody aside to make pictures with their Ipads! 
Totally ridiculous, why for heavens sake would one think that you can carry a pad around for pictures? And then six or seven of them at the same time? What I really want to know is what these parents are thinking (or maybe not thinking) And when do they teach their children manners?

  Anyway, Seahorses are totally cool animals and again, I could watch these little creatures all day long.

 Just like the Jelly fish, fascinating

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