Saturday, July 28, 2012


My collection of partially used Palette yarn was a mess. Tangles everywhere, or better known as Yarn Barf.
I signed up for the Ravellinics in the Toy Toss with Team MochiMochi, my goal is to make a few of the Gnomes out of the palette yarn.
I love this yarn, it is perfect for mittens and of course Toys!
While watching some of the events in London there was a marathon yarn winding going on at my desk.

Now all the little and not so little balls of barf are nicely wound cakes.

So pretty all the colors together. And look there is even a Purple ball in there. Next step is organizing them by color family. Only question remains, where to put that Purple ball?
Oh, and I think I need more yellow and maybe some red.......
Me, I call myself a collector of color :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My stockings are finished and I have to say they turned out pretty nice. DS took the pictures of me wearing them on the steps of the porch. Of course Jeremy had to be there too, and wanted to be the supervisor.

 While we where taking pictures the sky slowly turned orange when the sun went down.

And Paco of course had to see what the commotion was all about.

 I think he likes them, but then with him you never know.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The weather here has been nice, but is sure has not been summer weather. Normally we would have warm days and I would be sitting outside very early in the morning while it is still cool and watch the world wake up with a cup of coffee and my knitting or a good book.
Now I for one don't like the really hot days, I even prefer this weather if it was not just a tad to cold. Around the 85 degrees and no wind is perfect for me. The Sunsets are pretty though.

 And one of the socks for the Latvian KAL is done, with the second one almost done. Because I designed them myself, they are knit two at a time so there would be no guessing while one is done and the second one still needs to be started and I can not read my notes anymore.

Jeremy likes the sock too, it is nice and warm and almost covers him.

Of course I had to start another pair, while the KAL is still going. Started these last night, so much fun to make all those little circles.

 My new "thing" is making little cakes out of wool felt. And while browsing Pinterest on cute cake stands, it gave me an idea to make my own. Discount plates and glasses from the store and some from my own a bit of glue and voila!
Anybody has some old plates and candlesticks/glasses for me?

Monday, July 09, 2012


Blogger and I are having some serious problems with uploading foto's, it is not the computer because from whatever computer at this house I try, it is still sh*t!
I was going to post about the cakes I am making out of felt and have some very nice artistic arranged project pics. 
Well this is all that came of it. big stripes in the middle.

 Then I was going to blog about poor Jeremy who after being gone missing for a day turned up this morning and his face on one side is all swollen and he has cuts behind his ear and on his head. Don't know what fight he was into, but we are hoping everything will turn out fine.
Of course I put a nice blanket down for him on the bench and went to see if he wanted to sit next to me.
Sure enough he came to me and curled right up. Poor fellah.

 Finally there are progress pics of the Leftie shawl and the Latvian sock KAL.
this is what the blog did with my pictures after spending half an hour uploading and deleting the things.
Uploading at Ravelry and Flikr goes without any trouble.

Well there you have it, rant over. If anyone knows a solution, please let me know.

Saturday, July 07, 2012


This morning we decided it was time to go out for breakfast for a change. After eating way to much on pancakes and omelets the plan was hatched we needed a good hike. So on to Pinnacles we went.
It was early and it already was way to warm but we went anyway.
Plenty of people had the same idea, and it was already filling up even though it was not yet nine thirty.
We walked the trail to the reservoir the other way around then most people do, that way we had sun on the way there and on the way back it was mostly shadow and the cave.

 Blogger is loading my pictures crappy again. :(

 Look a forced smile, I don't do good in the heat.

 Of course I was wearing hand knit socks in my hiking shoes and another hiker noticed (this proves that knitters are everywhere) so on the trail we started talking socks! Nothing better than a very hot day and talk knitting. HA!

Of course no blog post is complete without a picture of Paco.

 Tomorrow a knitting update from my Latvian KAL stockings.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!

Lazy day today, we decided to stay home, relax and fire up the BBQ.
The tomatoes in the fields are growing and some varieties are blooming. I just can't wait for them to be ready to pick. YUM.

Jeremy brought himself lunch today, he is very good mannered and put his "snack" into his food bowl.
I was just coming from the schoolhouse and he started walking in front of me, talking to me and looking back as if I had to follow him. He led me up the porch, sat by his food and looked very proud at me, as if he wanted to say "Look, I brought lunch home, aren't you proud now?"

 I guess it was paw likin' good!

 There is this pattern on Ravelry lately that caught my eye, it was teasing me, calling my name.
And sure enough, last night I could not resist any longer and cast on for Leftie.
It is a very easy pattern, and very entertaining. The garter stitch is fun after knitting on color work for a few hours.
And the possibilities it has, now I have some fun color ways to think out with my leftover sockyarn.
Sorry for the crappy pic, the sun is hiding and the flash reflected on the floor.

The Latvian stockings are growing too, progress so far:

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

knit update

My beloved laptop died, and for now I have the Apple mac from DH, it was in a box, he does not really like it. He is right, I don't like the thing either. To top it off my photoshop software does not work on it. 
But on the bright side, I can go on the interwebs, and I also have my tablet.

The Latvian KAL has started on Sunday, I am making stockings and make the pattern up as I go along.
The requirement is that you use traditional Latvian charts (color work or lace) 
For the color work I am taking pieces of charts out of this book. The cuff comes from this book.
So far I am loving it, and keeping my fingers crossed that they fit.

Yesterday this slid of the needles, I like it but it is not as long as I expected.
Plus the verdict is still out if the shallow cresent shape holds or that the edges start curling like the other one I made a while ago.

Jeremy is still loving his Drumstick box.

He just love the tiny box and sleeps in there for most of the day, guess he needs to be totally ready for his nightly hunting and guarding the house.

Again there is this crappy uploading of my pictures with weird lines in it. Whatever I do it does not get better and I am blaming this one on blogger.
Tomorrow we celebrate the Fourth with a nice BBQ, and of course with some knitting and beading on the porch. There is a new shawl I really have to make, might start in the morning :)